Leather 8″x10″ Mystic Python Metallic SILVER and BLACK glimmery Cowhide 2.5-3 oz / 1-1.2 mm PeggySueAlso™ E2868-01 hides available by PeggySueAlso


8.99 USD

Mystic Metallic Cowhide Leather
2.5-3 oz / 1-1.2 mm thickness
Metallic Silver and Black Mystic Cowhide Leather
8-inch x 10-inch die cut piece (20.32×25.4cm)
Thickness is: 3 oz / 1.2 mm
This hide is pliable, flexible, soft and feels awesome.
The backside is a black suede. It is mostly nice, though but some pieces might have a stamp, fleshings other marks.

Hides average 20 sq ft overall $7.99 per sq ft.
Partial hides are sold at a minimum of 3 sq ft cut off the hide in no particular shape or dimensions, $9.49 per sq ft.
You may request a custom listing for sizes other than you find listed..

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