Bed and Breakfast, Guest Book, Visitors Book, House Guest Book, Cabin Guest Book, Vacation Home Guest Book, Color Choices Available by PaperBoundLove


44.90 USD

Simple guest book for your home, Bed and Breakfast, restaurant, or anywhere else you can think of!

Every book is designed from the beginning, so the colours, fonts, wordings, etc., can be customised.

The name and location can be printed on the spine.
A personal phrase, quote, or any other text can be placed on the back of the book.

• For More Guest Book Designs

• Foil Colours
Available as gold, silver, and rose foiling.

• Available Options
Sizes: 6×9 inches, 8×10 inches
Number of pages: 100 pages (50 sheets of paper)
Paper Choices: white paper 70#, white paper with lines on 1 side, black paper 60#

• Details
All books come with white ribbon.
The book cover is hard-cover case bound with matte finish.
The paper is acid-free, so the pages will NOT turn yellow, become brittle or deteriorate over time.

• Personalisation
When ordering, please let us know the following;
1. Name of the place (e.g. Lakeview Retreat)
2. Location (e.g. Second Valley)
3. Optional – phrase, quote, etc. to be printed on the back cover.
4. Book cover color (leave blank for as shown)

We will send you a preview for your approval before printing.

• Turnaround & Delivery Time
PROCESSING TIME + DELIVERY TIME = total time to deliver the guest book to your door

2 to 3 weeks

DELIVERY TIME based on location:
1 to 3 working days

||| WORLD-WIDE |||
3 to 5 working days, with tracking via FedEx International Priority

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