On Sale Now 20mm Best Quality Flat Nappa Leather Cord – Your Choice – Pre-Cut – 8″ by LRPJewelryBox


3.94 USD

This listing is for 1 (one) 8″ PRE-CUT piece of 20mm Flat Nappa leather cord in your choice of color.

This cord is BEAUTIFUL!! This is the BEST quality leather cord.


All of our Licorice Leather, Flat Leather, Round Leather, Climbing Cords and Findings are Imported Directly From Europe. They are Genuine and are the Highest Quality Cord and Findings on the market.

We purchase ALL of our Licorice Leather cords & findings from the same sources as others and WE pass the savings on to you. But because we do not purchase from a “certain person”, we cannot use the “R” word on our products, but please note***** THEY ARE THE SAME PRODUCTS 

Imported & Manufactured In Europe