925 Sterling Silver Rolo Chain Bulk, 1-50 ft, 3 mm Rolo Wholesale Chain, Heavy Weight Jewelry Necklace or Bracelet Chain mmss M56 hp by FabulousRocks


12.00 USD

925 Sterling Silver Rolo Chain / 3-50 ft, 3 mm Rolo / wholesale, heavy weight, jewelry necklace or bracelet chain

Rolo chains are nice and strong due to tighter links than flat cables

This one is even more so as it is our heavier and wider 3 mm version
Second heaviest rolo we offer .. more than twice as heavy as our 2 mm rolo, S51

We manufacture thousands of grams of this chain per production to secure a great price for a very high quality chain 🙂

We recommend to finish:
Jump rings:

We sell a thousands of feet of chains per month w/ one of Etsy’s largest selections!!
Try a few styles by size .. see links below
SMALL .. 0.6-2 mm
MEDIUM .. 2.1-3.0 mm
LARGE .. 3.1-9+ mm

For GOLD filled chains..

** Chains and wires are not refundable nor exchangeable, sorry…
Please ask us ?? before u purchase.. thanks!

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