Baby Pink Iridescent Shift Round Sequins Glitter, Circle Sequins Glitter, Nail Art Glitter, Deco, Glitter, Pick Your Amount, T47 by HappyKawaiiSupplies


1.50 USD

These are iridescent round glitter sequins with an AB shift. These can add a splash of color to your decoden or resin creations and are solvent resistant.

They would be amazing in slime!

Glitter themselves are approx. 3mm overall in size.

You can choose from a twist top container or 2 different sizes of zip-top bags.

The container is 30x17mm in size and you will get approx. 2g. The small bag is 2 inch by 2 inch and you will get approx. 5 grams. The larger bag is 2 inch by 3 inch and you will get approx. 10g.

Each container/bag will slightly vary in weight due to the shape and size of glitter.