AAA 15-20×23-25mm White Flame ball Pearl Pairs – large Baroque freshwater pearl pairs,Fire Ball Pearl,FL15-3A-8-21 by WenPearls


34.99 USD

baroque flame ball pair(2 pearls) ,just for your designs.

if you need make earrings,please select “sliver earrings” or “gold earrings”, use sterling sliver hook.

hole size: can be drilled top hole or side hole
pearl grade: AAA
pearl luster: high+
pearl hole: choose hole type( if have any question,please tell me)
pearl body: please look at picture, no black spot, no repair, nacre is thickness, this pearl is high quality.
my pearl is no repaired, if the pearl are repaired, it will be very cheap.
some seller sold repaired pearl,use nail polish repair the pearl, the repaired pearl is low grade!!!

pearl shape: baroque
pearl color: white,please look at picture
pearl size: 15-20mm–width x 23-25mm–length

————–Flameball Pearl————
AAA: two side is good quality
AA+: one size is good,other side is AA quality
AA: one side is good,other side is repaired glue

—AAA pearl link:
—AA+ pearl link:
—AA pearl link:

————–About Upgrade Express—————-
Can select upgrade express when you checkout
or buy this link:

I can provide any pearl, if there are other needs please contact me

—————-American Wire Gauge to Diameter mm————–
22Gauge=0.643mm –select 0.7mm hole or big
20Gauge=0.813mm –select 0.9mm hole or big
16Gauge=1.29mm –select 1.3mm hole or big
15Gauge=1.45mm –select 1.5mm hole or big
14Gauge=1.628mm –select 1.8mm hole or big
12Gauge=2.052mm –select 2.2mm hole or big
11Gauge=2.304mm –select 2.5mm hole or big
10Gauge=2.588mm –select 2.8mm hole or big
9Gauge=2.906mm –select 3.0mm hole or big
6Gauge=4.115mm –please tell me,if you need this large hole

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