2 custom rings 10x for N Custom Kami Crystals™ (Atlantean King™) by KamiCrystals


11,999.99 USD

“Andrew’s work is just out of this world.”
“had my moldavite activated and it is so powerful.
It definitely is at least 30 times stronger than what it was originally.

I feel the energy accelerating my vibration
within a few seconds of holding it and very intense!
Very happy with my new moldavite!

~Brianna Loft (Custom activation for personal Moldavite)

***** PLS NOTE
Price shown is starting price, CONTACT ME for a quote & instructions
for your particular order
before ordering.

Take Advantage of this limited time special offer

to request a unique crystal or have your own activated by Atlantean King.

You have an idea?
Maybe you have a pendant which you want
activated by Archangel Metatron for healing purposes.

Or maybe you want one of the 13 Ancient skulls activated to flow
through your own crystal skull for spiritual growth.

Truly the possibilities are infinite and here at KAMi Crystals

We turn your vision into reality.

Here are some ideas:

>A personal Archangel tool (pendant, wand, necklace, bracelet) crafted by Archangel Metatron or any angel in existence

>A Crystal Skull activation (I have been requested to re-create some of the ancients skulls for healing practices and personal use) *see examples @ bottom

>Flow a personal healing energy crystal for any struggle you are dealing with.

>Craft any of the crystal in my shop through your own personal crystal collection


“Make your unique crystal now”

Your custom-activated crystal is waiting for you!!!

To find out more pls msg me


“whoaa.. first impression: amazing!

Physically, the skull seems much more shiny.

When I picked it up, it was like as if a strong magnetic field enveloped me.

I have only sat down 10 min or so,
but it immediately took me so deep, that upon coming back, I -for a moment – didn’t know where I was any more… Energies flowing through my hands and arms when holding her, energy forces working in my head, goodness me. And when I type this, and I look at the skull, its presence has so much changed.

I feel it’s a being there, a consciousness,
and that there is a lot of interaction going on.
A heart connection, almost tangible.
I can sense a great depth, a wisdom and
a power that I have never felt before with any other skull.

This definitely is no normal skull any more.
I think I have embarked on some big adventure.
The energy field surrounding this skull is really amazing.

Wow… if this is power x4, then power x20 must be an atomic bomb (lol).
I am really amazed by your work! Thank you so much!!!

~ Karel De Bie

(Review for Custom Skull I activated)

***** PLS NOTE
Price shown is starting price, CONTACT ME for a quote for your particular order
before ordering. THANK YOU!!! 🙂

As Kami crystals are very powerful, highly conscious and safeguarded, in certain rare cases one tries to misuse its power the energy will automatically be shut off. All Kami crystals are protected this way to prevent any misuse such as the case in ancient times. For the great vast majority of people this is of no concern as this shut off only occurs in specific conditions.
In case other cases the energy may leave temporarily and return. This property is aligned with the freewill of the spiritual being who has been set to come through the item. Certainly this occurs in only the most conscious crystal on earth which are Kami crystals.

None of the following information is designed to be a substitute for professional medical or psychological treatments.
We do not providing prescribe the use of crystals stones or our products as a form of treatment for medical or psychological conditions. Please consult a physician and seek professional medical advice about any physical, psychological, or emotional issues that may require medical attention. The crystals and products available are not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. The material discussed on product descriptions are metaphysical properties of crystals, stones, and products based on intuition and has not been scientifically proven. Testimonials are experiences from customers and not guarantees.


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