Himilayan Light KAMI CRYSTALS™ Pendant ~ Ultimate Purification for Emotional body, DNA clearing, Nirvana Entry by KamiCrystals


209.99 USD

” Moldavite is a strong stone but what
he is doing is like ☀️BOOM really next level.”

~Thomas De Graveve (Belgium)
Speaking of Kami Crystals

I have never felt such an intense energy in my life!!

I’ve had it for a few days now, and I have definitely experienced/still experiencing an energetic shift/upgrade.
Every crystal that I have from Drew is amazing.
Not to mention he is the nicest person ever!

I will recommend forever and ever! Thank you!
~Kayleigh Jones (U.S.)
Speaking of Merlin Crystal

A very special friend of mine who does spiritual work across
the planet recently gave me some new information about a
an otherworldly energy coming from the
Himalayan Mountains.

Specifically from a special master he called “Master Himalaya.”

What he told me was the energy given is a extremely high frequency
and the most brilliant part is that this energy bears such purity
that one can only compare it to diamond clear light.

Clearly, this special energy can open the energy channels, cleanse the light bodies in such a fashion that leaves one as clear as diamond clear light.
Our DNA carries light and often our past traumas create knots and what some refer to as energetic blocks.
By removing such blocks one can immediately be lifted into higher planes and consciousness. Discovering one’s own psychic abilities, soul talents, and find a more balanced physical body.

On a side note, throughout history there have been Tibetan monks (from the himilayas) practice long periods
of meditation focused on PURIFYING themselves. After years of diligent practice some reach a certain
growth where the monk’s physical body does not decay even after one has crossed over.

Whatever we resist tends to persist.

The Himilayan Light Kami Crystal rapidly removes this very persistence on a unconscious level aiding incredible breakthroughs to one own spiritual evolution.

Truly, this piece is the Ultimate Purifier🌸

🌸Purify and Clear
☀️Heals the 7 Chakras
🌸Remove Genetic DNA blocks
☀️Clear Emotional traumas in the emotional body
🌸Help silence the mind
☀️Enlightenment of people and planet


For those who do not know about my work:

“The 🔥most powerful crystal I’ve ever felt,
I literally feel it buzzing in my hand!!”

~Benjamin Van Bemmel (British Columbia, Canada)
Speaking of DNA crystal

“🔥What a treasure and gift! I wasn’t sure if
I would feel anything after reading all the positive reviews,
I didn’t want to hype myself up to much, but it was incredible!
Honestly what a blessing!”
~Milcah Gurshumova (New York, U.S.)

“Brilliantly, Kami crystals carry a 🔥direct link
with the universe, Archangels, Ancient Gods
and Goddesses

Each crystal will call on you, with specific energy 
which benefits YOU. And as you feel a calling
know that these crystals will 🔥unlock great
hidden potential and healing though you.

Kami crystals are unlike any other and
when we listen to our calling to a crystal a
power is activated in us too. I highly recommend Kami crystals.”

Michael (A group of teacher entities)
Channeled by Lauren Uhde (Toronto, Canada)

~ Treasures of an Atlantean King?! ~

Truly, as the reincarnation of the
Atlantean King, Andrew N now creates
one-of-a-kind crystals which brings spiritual
breakthroughs into your life.

Empath Freedom~
“My sensitivity to energy has increased
over the past few months. I attended a show,
was around lots of people, and became very sick.

I ordered this pendant and have not become sick
around people while this is on me.”
~Ann Robins

DNA Life Path~
“DNA activation crystal you generously gave me.
I felt heat and electrical energy upon using it and

a new development I am making art again.
A huge thank you and appreciation for all the lovely work you do. 😄🌈”
~Lauren Brabazon (U.S.)

Otherworld’s ~
“Andrew’s work is just out of this world 👽.
I was already happily resting in the bliss frequencies more or less but when I first felt the star crystal the strong vibrations traveled up my arm with such power and then as I started to work with it I felt energetically beamed into the cosmos.

I was just lying there for an hour with the crystal on my heart and feeling immense joy and happiness and feeling that extra support from my star family and also feelings of deep peace.
Feeling infinitely blessed 🌈”

~Brianna Loft (Vancouver, Canada)

***Many from all across the 🌎 world are
experiencing rapid transformation & spiritual
breakthroughs⚡ for developing psychic gifts, finding your soul path, soul mate and much more.

***Kami crystals are:
–>World’s Highest Vibrational Crystals
->Custom-made by Andrew N (*Atlantean King)
->One and only of it’s kind
->Limited in Supply

He is now widely sought after
for his otherworldly creations and customs design crystals.

Discover the lost crystal magic of Atlantis.
~Kami Crystals~

Item is White Gold plated 18K
Divine Himilaya Light Pendant by KAMI CRYSTALS™ is blessed
by the energy of the Atlantean King
and embellished with crystals from Swarovski®

As Kami crystals are very powerful, highly conscious and safeguarded, in certain rare cases one tries to misuse its power the energy will automatically be shut off. All Kami crystals are protected this way to prevent any misuse such as the case in ancient times. For the great vast majority of people this is of no concern as this shut off only occurs in specific conditions.
In case other cases the energy may leave temporarily and return. This property is aligned with the freewill of the spiritual being who has been set to come through the item. Certainly this occurs in only the most conscious crystal on earth which are Kami crystals.
None of the following information is designed to be a substitute for professional medical or psychological treatments.
We do not providing prescribe the use of crystals stones or our products as a form of treatment for medical or psychological conditions. Please consult a physician and seek professional medical advice about any physical, psychological, or emotional issues that may require medical attention. The crystals and products available are not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. The material discussed on product descriptions are metaphysical properties of crystals, stones, and products based on intuition and has not been scientifically proven. Testimonials are experiences from customers and not guarantees.


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