Kingdom Hearts Decal – Axel Chakram – Lea Organization XIII Laptop Car Vinyl Sticker by HumaniteaseStudio


7.00 USD

Love Kingdom Hearts and want a decal that will be quickly noticed!? Here are Axel’s chakrams as a layered two-color vinyl decal. My default colors are red and metallic silver (man, does it shine too!) If you want different color options, just DM me with your request. Pairs nicely with the Saix claymore decal also available in my shop! Or you can also get Oathkeeper to represent Roxas and start off a nice Organization XIII weapon collection.

This item is for ONE chakram. Just order two if you want two. The shipping is the same!

Check out my shop because I have numerous KH layered decals to peruse! Many of the weapons in the Kingdom Hearts universe are pretty stylish and make for awesome decals for your cars, electronics, or your smart phone!.


Colors: Two Different Color Combinations: Red with Silver, Red with White

Material: Outdoor vinyl

Size: 3″ x 3″ (Also available in larger sizes! I can’t piece this together if it’s smaller than 3 inches, so that’s my definite minimum size.)

Uses: Good for car, window, mirror, phone, mailbox, laptop application.. basically will stick to practically any hard surface. Permanent vinyl can be applied to walls, but you have to be very careful with removal.

(I am willing to produce many of my decals in indoor vinyl as well, just send me a message about it!)

Check my policies for additional information about the decals and shipping!


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