SLEEPING BEAUTY Turquoise Beads Gemstone Chips, Genuine Undyed Stabilized Natural Turquoise, Aqua Robins Egg Blue, 4-5.5 or 5.5-7.5 mm ch by FabulousRocks


6.50 USD

SLEEPING BEAUTY Turquoise Beads, Luxe AAA, 4-5.5 mm, Natural Undyed Stabilized, aqua robins egg blue

Length: 4-5.5 or 5.5-7.5 mm
Thickness: ~2-3.5+ or 2.5-4+mm

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NATURAL, UNDYED, stabilized petite turquoise nuggets / chips..
Perfect to pepper into your designs as spacers, pops of color.. or use in the front for a simple baby nuggets necklace!

One of the most renowned turquoise mines was the Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona. Now officially closed, stocks collectors have been hoarding for years are growing lower and harder to come by at ever increasing prices

The sleeping beauty mine was known for their robin’s egg blue turquoise with little matrix with top level turquoise rivaling that of the Iranian mines.
Enjoy some of the best we could still source of this gorgeous gemstone!!

We have turquoise chips in several sizes from 4-10+. Buy them here ..

We also offer nuggets, from
NOTE: These beading nuggets often will have minor brown markings.. but don’t detract from the stunning beauty of the color.. which the Iranian and Sleeping Beauty mines are known for…

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